Monday, October 11, 2010

*Note to self: Old and frumpy is bad.

I get so excited to update this thing sometimes.
I know, I'm a weirdo.

I haven't updated recently because I haven't been able to think of something grand enough to write a good, wholesome entry about.

& Just in case you're wondering, I still haven't.

But I still feel the need to update about something,
So I'm thinking that I'll fill up a big entry with little somethings, just to update you all with what's been going on.

If you care, that is.

Let's see, where to begin?
Nothing too new has been going on lately, except for the fact that today Sergey's family and I are starting this workout program called the P90X. Doesn't that sound intense?
First off, let me tell you this: I'm not an active person.
Like, at all.
I don't do anything (purposely) exercise-worthy. (Meaning, that if I get any exercise it's because I have to walk all around campus all day. I don't do it for the exercise, I do it because I have to.)
I know, I know, shame on me.
But in my defense, I just don't have the time -cough-cough-or the drive-cough- to work out.
I have to get up extremely early already, go to work, go to class, get out of class late, then go to bed early so I can get up early the next day. There's no slot open for excercise time. But I guess now I'm going to have to squeeze a few things aside for an hour of P90X time.

Anyway, so I come over to Sergey's house from work one day, to find him and his siblings discussing something called the P90X, and they asked me if I'm going to do it.
"Yes she is." Sergey says.
"Wait, what is it? What do you mean "yes she is", don't I have a say in this?"
He laughs, "No, you don't. You should do it with us, you need to start exercising before you get all frumpy and old."
"I exercise! I walk around campus all day. Especially on Mondays, because I have to go get the mail."
"Babe," he says as he looks at me with one eyebrow raised.
"It makes me tired... Doesn't that mean it's doing something?"
"Fine. But explain this to me, because it sounds really scary right now."
I look through the booklet that is supplied with the package, and on each of the pages are photos of sweaty, overly-muscular men in extreme poses, with a cast of ambient lighting intensifying each bulging muscle.
"I'm not going to look like this when we're done, am I?"
"No babe, you're just going to tone up."

Oh! I just found the promo video for the program. Don't be afraid to let out a chuckle or two. Those photos at the beginning kill me every time. (They're the same ones that are in the booklet that I was flipping through.)

So today is the first day of our P90X program. It comes along with a meal plan for each day, and for breakfast we were to have a mushroom omelet, a cup of strawberries, and however many ounces of cottage cheese. (Yuck.)

The omelet was delicious, I'll tell you. It had mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes, and we added in some radishes as well. (I just now realized though, that I forgot to eat the fruit and yogurt, but it was probably because cooking the omelet took so long that I was almost late to work.) But I think I'm going to really like this program just for it's meal plan. For dinner tonight we have scheduled Salmon, lemon dill sauce, rice, and some kind of vegetable. Delicious, right? I'm totally excited.

Best of all, I probably won't have to cook it! :)

After class today I'll be going with Sergey's mom and sister to the Woman's Prayer at our church, then once we come back, we'll start our first session for an hour. I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm hoping that since it's the first day, there isn't going to be anything too extreme or difficult...
I'll have to let you know how that goes.

As for what's new or interesting in this general time frame, there hasn't been anything to write home about... Except for the fact that I just registered a student with the last name, "Not Help Him."
Not even kidding.
Not Help Him?
Do what, I wonder?
I've heard a lot of strange names during my time, but nothing quite like this.
At first I thought this was a joke, so I looked up the student's ID number to find out for sure, and sure enough, this was a real person. This made my day.
I just had to tell Sergey so I shot him a text message. He thought it was pretty amusing too.
My goodness, that name boggles my mind.
I can't even really think of a possible origin. German? English? Scottish? Armenian? None of that seems to make sense. The only thing I can think of is some sort of an Asian descent, and that's just because that's how their accent sounds.

I don't think this is a very credible form of reasoning.

& you're not going to believe this.
Out of curiosity, I looked up to see if there are any more "Not Help Hims" in the school...
And there are four.

I guess it's more popular of a name than I thought!
I think that is so cool.
I really want to meet this person.

If I do, you'll surely hear about it.
As for P90X, you'll surely hear about that too.
But as for right now, I have to go water those pesky plants.
They're so needy.

Yours Truly

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