Monday, December 13, 2010

Days like these make me think I am going mad.

Hello you!

Long time no update! :)

Currently I am posted at my computer in my sweat pants and a sweatshirt, hair in a messy pony-tail, no make up, coffee in one hand, and pop tart occasionally in the other while I am typing up this blog. Definitely a sight for sore eyes, if you know what I mean. & If you happen to be wondering why I am not at work on a Monday morning? The joke's on you, because I am.

And it's just been one of those days.

Things have been going fairly well lately, if you count being stressed, exhausted, and not being ready for finals as things going well. Which--I do. School is supposed produce this sort of atmosphere. Right? I say, yes.
However, the light at the tunnel? Four more days. Yes, just four more lovely days my friend.
Then it's all over. Done. Fin.

Until January, that is.

At this present point in time I have my photography final project completed, and two other projects remain. One: my overindulgent self portrait for my basic drawing class. Which I cringe at drawing, because it makes me feel so narcissistic. Although, I think I was a little too ambitious with this one, hence, the reason that I am stressing. However, there is an unsaid presence of drawing competition in my classroom, the whole "elephant-in-the-room" concept, regarding who draws the best between three particular girls. Myself, the girl that sits to the right of me, and the girl that sits to the left of me. Ironically we are all clumped together in a not-so-basic-drawing trio, suggesting that maybe great minds do think alike. (Although I do know better than that, because there is a story behind how I unwillingly got that seat. But this is a story for another day.)

I digress.

I, my friends, am determined to win.

& Because of this, I shall continue the ambitious drawing. Even if by the time it is turned in, it looks nothing like me because my hair has been torn out and my eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep. Ha ha!
Victory in the making.

(Also, I don't think I did so hot in my sketchbook entries this time, so I need to make up for some points lost.)

I even have this little beauty sitting right behind me as I contemplate working on it. The main reason for the contemplating being that I am uncomfortable with busting out a gigantic glorified drawing of myself. I cannot ruin my good standing with my co-workers and have them think that I am some vain person! Although, maybe the sweats will balance it all out.
My other final project that is due (on the same day, double whammy) is for my computer class. Our task is to create a storyline using a creature that we created, and animate it along with inserting sound effects and music. Sounds fun, right? Wrong.
And because I hate this class, this computer program, and this project, I have chosen to do the simplest things possible while creating a storyline that avoids as many animation issues as possible. By which I know that I am genius because my professor, upon discussing my idea for my project, loves it, and seems not to have detected my higher-level-animation-avoiding, strategies. I do hope that this element of distraction carries on over to finals day once he actually sees my animation.
Just like watching a movie with horrible actors, yet has a great plot: halfway through the movie you forget how awful the acting really is and start enjoying it because the story is good.
This is my hope.
So far I have three scenes done. I don't even know how many more I have to go, because I am just making this up as I go along. -- Which may attribute to my finals-centered stress. This I am sure.
But if I have learned anything over the years, I have learned that if you are determined enough, you can get everything done.
The question now is, am I determined enough?
I say, yes!

Yours Truly

P.S. If you're wondering why I sound so insane in this particular entry? The answer is that at this current moment, I feel insane. And humorous. So this is why. And if you are not wondering? Than please disregard this post script. And yes, P.S. stands for post script. I know this because I just looked it up.

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