Thursday, August 4, 2011

Puzzle Pieces of Time

** This entry is still being worked on and hasn't been finished. Just jotting down a few ideas to calm my thoughts and allow me to sleep.

Oh, Time, you really are quite the strange thing.

Speeding by ever so quickly, yet staggering so slow.

So selfish, you are.

Why must the happiest moments leave our present so speedily?
And the most dreadful ones so gradually?

The hands of a clock run a familiar course, each hand stroking a familiar number while moving in a familiar circle, each of it's days all the same.

But each of these minutes, each of these seconds, holds a new memory -- adds a new piece to the jigsaw puzzle that is life.

Slowly, yet quickly, forming a past, present, and future.

Some of these sections of the puzzle are the less desirable parts of life to mend together.

Like an austere blue sky that seems to continue on forever, the pieces all look nearly the same, and does not leave you feeling as though you have conquered an ample part of the mending. It may even cause boredom or frustration.

While other sections are exciting, and beautiful. They make completing the picture worth-while and motivate you to continue on.

These sections usually seem to end quickly, and before you know it, you are back to having to complete more of that lowly blue sky.

Oh Time, you really are quite the strange thing.

Mending and bending, changing and never ending.

All in the name of creating "the big picture" of the puzzle that is life.