Monday, September 27, 2010

Passion for Cushion.

Is it weird that I find great joy in browsing through various wedding blogs?
Looking at all of the wedding photography makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and inspired inside.
I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting ideas for my own future wedding, or because I'm getting ideas for my photography. Maybe both.

I think over all, I just have this strange passion for weddings.

I love everything about them, I'm not sure why.

Most likely because they're so beautiful.

I have another wedding to photograph this upcoming December, and I'm totally excited for it.
Especially after I look through some of the work that other photographers have done, because I get all of sorts of new ideas that I want to try out.

Hopefully I can pull them off though.

One thing I really want to learn is how to get that typical glowing effect that most of the photos have. Like all the photographs of the tables, decorations, and people were taken in heaven, and everyone looks all radiant and glowy. Like angels in heels.

Here's a example of what I mean:

Beautiful. :)
*Side note: If you're wondering what this title is all about, let me explain:

So originally I was planning to name this entry "Passion for ____" & fill in the blank with a word that fit the basic theme that I wrote about, so I was looking for a good discriptive word to ryhme with "Passion", and I found some ridiculous results on this website that I just had to share with you. I enjoyed them so much that I decided to keep my idea anyway and use one of the words that they provided.

"Q: What rhymes with passion and devotion?
A: Words that rhyme with passion are: action, allen, beckon, cotton & cushion. Devotion rhymes with vision, wooden & women. "

Is it just me, or does passion most certainly not rhyme with allen? Or any of those other words for that matter? & The response to devotion is no better. Devotion and wooden?

If someone uses this website to help write a poem or something, especially if they don't know English that well, it's all going to be a major fail.
I find amusement in things like this.

*Note to self: Never ask fundamental questions on

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