Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello :)

It's been quite a while since I've posted again, but consistency has never been my forte when it comes to things like this. The last two weeks I had been in Hawaii and I wanted to write a post each day to keep up, but obtaining an internet connection involved walking ten minutes to the public swimming pool, and my inspiration for blogging began to die every time I even thought about it. I could have driven there, but that would have made me feel absolutely ridiculous, so deciding not to go at all seemed to be the most reasonable option.

I'm really not a lazy individual.

Right now I'm at work, doing what anyone could do best. Sitting. Myspace. Facebook. Sitting. Sitting. Sitting. I really don't know why they need us to work over the summer because there isn't anything for me to do. No tutors to call, no appointments to make, no attendance to take. I don't mean to complain, I'm happy I get paid to sit, but I'm just saying that if I was the schools financial manager, I'd save them a bucket load of money. Maybe two. Hey, maybe I should apply?

I'm wondering if I should write anything about Hawaii... Earlier on I was thinking about writing a couple of entries pretending I was still there so I would feel better about my laziness while I was really there, but then I remembered that I'm a Christian and there is an eternal punishment for lieing. Even if you're in blogland. Hmph.

Actually, I think I'll still write something about it just because it was a very special trip for my family and I, but i'll give it it's own special entry later on, when I'm bursting at the seams with inspiration. (I'm hoping this will happen, anyway.)

But as for right now, I think I better get back to sitting.

Sincerely, Yours Truly

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meet the author:

Hello you! :)
After long speculation and frequent bursts of inspiration, I have finally decided to try blogging. I have always wanted to write some sort of novel about my life growing up, but up-keeping a blog feels a little less vain, (and a lot less difficult) so here I am (I'm just hoping that I can keep this interesting).

I wanted to write some sort of litarature because well, obviously, I love to write. I suppose the reason that I enjoy writing as much as I do is because I am a relatively quiet person, and for me, writing is a fun way to get out all of my thoughts. I may not be the best writer in the world, but I'd like to think I'm a good thinker. I do think a lot.

About anything and everything.

And a blog is just place to share thoughts so that others, (you!) might have something new to think about while I write what I think about thinking while thinking new thoughts. (what?)  But I think I might end up including a little bit of everything on here, (Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, since I am a Christian and all...) just because I know myself to be somewhat of an inconsistant person.

& I try not to be one of those people who writes "haha," "just kidding," or "lol" at the end of every sentence, because I'd like to allow the reader their inalienable right to decide whether what I wrote was amusing or not. (You're welcome!) Although I do hope you do get a tickle out of my entries, though. :)

Hm, let's see... I am twenty years young, but people often think that I am thirteen (I soothe myself with the hope that this could be a blessing later on in life). I have nearly unmanageable curly brown hair, alabaster skin with dark almond shaped eyes, and am almost vertically challanged (I mysteriously grew an inch this year, which constitutes me as "almost" instead of "am").

As of right now, I still live at home and I work as a secretary at my school, which I enjoy very much. Working here is a great way to make friends and meet all kinds of new people; some extremely nice, some not-so-nice, and some that are, well, just plain interesting. Not to mention that I get holidays off and vacations, and I have probably the best boss I could ever have, who allows me to go online or do my homework when "business" is slow. Oh, and no taxes! Yes, I've got it made. :)
Here at home I live with the parental units, a younger brother, two Yorkshire Terriers and Lizzy, the Leopard Gecko, who abodes in a glass tank on the dresser in my brother's room. Yada... Yada...

Like I had mentioned, we have two dogs which are mother, Suzy, and daughter, Mandy. Mandy has three other sisters, who are scattered among family and close friends. (They even get to have play dates once in a while!) Mandy and Suzy are two little souls that help to make our lives interesting, which you may or may not find to be sad. Each one brings a personality into the house that is irreplaceable, and keeps us laughing. I believe that if Suzy were a person, she would be an overweight woman who really has no clue of her size, is a little slow in the head, and doesn't quite understand why she can't do the same things that lighter people can do. Yet, she has a heart of gold and is extremely easy to make happy... Especially if there is food involved. Where as, Mandy would be a spoiled teen aged girl who is as cute as a button and knows it, but can be a total sweetheart if she gets her way. Oh, and she thinks my dad is her boyfriend. We won't get into this.
Lizzy is probably the most forgotten about soul in the house, but isn't much fun if you ask me. I don't see how you could even classify a Lizard as a pet, unless you find pleasure in devoting hours to watching it look at you through glass. But then again, what do I know?

Hm. I am very unhappy with this introduction, but it's 12:32AM, and I told myself I was going to be in bed a half an hour ago. I think I better get off here and go to bed, I don't want to become one of those freaks who stays up all night blogging.

I'll write to you guys again soon. :)

Yours Truly <3